PostgresVision 2018 Slides and Impressions

Leo and I attended PostgresVision 2018 which ended a couple of days ago.

We gave a talk on spatial extensions with main focus being PostGIS. Here are links to our slides PostgresVision2018_SpatialExtensions HTML version PDF.

Unfortunately there are no slides of the pgRouting part, except the one that says PGRouting Live Demos because Leo will only do live demos. He has no fear of his demos not working.

Side note, if you are on windows and use the PostGIS bundle, all the extensions listed in the PostGIS box of the spatial extensions diagram, as well as the pointcloud, pgRouting, and ogr_fdw are included in the bundle.

Postgres Vision 2018 was surprisingly good. We feared the talks would be mostly focused on upper management folks, but there turned out to be quite a few very technical ones to chew on as well such as sharding, JIT, WAL, and ZHeap to name some. Though Bruce Momjian's talk Why Postgres will live forever wasn't that technical it was the best we saw. It was inspiring, comical, and full of computer history tidbits. I love computer history.

Most exciting, I got to meet fellow package maintainer Devrim Gündüz for the first time. Devrim manages and as such does packaging for PostGIS in addition to the other 100s of packages he maintains. I only do packaging for PostGIS bundle for windows and even that feels like a lot.