Foreign Data Wrappers for PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6 windows

FDW binaries for PostgreSQL 9.5 windows 64-bit/32-bit

As you may have noticed we've been building our favorite extensions which we'll use in our PostgreSQL 9.5 installs. Next on our list are the FDWS

Below are the zip files that contain the binaries and dependency files for our favorite FDWs (that aren't normally available for windows)

These packages contain www_fdw and file_textarray_fdw

Both are www_fdw and file_textarray_fdw are covered in our PostgreSQL: Up and Running 2nd and 3rd editions Edition book.

For this packaging, we left out our most favorite -- ogr_fdw, since ogr_fdw is now packaged as part of the PostGIS 2.2 Windows bundle. If you are not using PostGIS and would still like to use the ogr_fdw multi-purpose foreign data wrapper, you can download it as a standalone package from the PostGIS winnie experimental builds - Though ogr_fdw is best served with PostGIS, it has no direct dependency on PostGIS.

UPDATE Nov 23, 2016: These packages have been updated to include the odbc_fdw

The curl library for www_fdw is built with SSL support and utilizes the ssleasy.dll packaged with the EDB installs. It's the same curl used by ogr_fdw.

FDWs in the 9.5 and 9.6 downloads